City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 23, 7:00 pm
John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant St.

Greenfield City Council

June 23, 2021

218th Regular Meeting

7:00 p.m.

John Zon Community Center

35 Pleasant Street

Or via Webex (if needed)

To view the full agenda:


  1. Call to Order -

CHAIRS STATEMENT: This meeting is being recorded and videotaped by the City Council and GCTV-15. If any other persons present are doing the same you must notify the chairperson at this time.

  1. Roll Call of Members

  1. Pledge of Allegiance (voluntary)

  1. Suspend Rules of Procedure 565-2A: Regular Meetings (Pg. 3)

  1. Approve the May 19, 2021, City Council meeting minutes. (Pg. 4)

  1. Communications from Superintendent of Schools and School Committee

  1. Communications from Mayor, City Officers and Employees

  1. Communications from other City Employees as needed, by invitation

  1. Public Comment

  1. Public Hearing(s) and Second Reading(s): None

  1. Motions, Orders, and Resolutions
  1. Resolution Concerning Racism, Inclusion and Equity in the City of Greenfield. (Pg. 23)
  2. Re-Election of Kathryn J Scott as City Clerk. (Pg. 27)
  3. Mayor’s Appointments & Re-Appointments (Pg. 28)
  • Conservation Commission – Christin Mcdonough – December 31, 2022 (Remaining term of Johnathan Griffin)
  • Cemetery Commission – Erin Bohannon – June 30, 2024
  • Council on Aging – Margot Peck – December 31, 2022 (Shortened term to maintain term schedule)
  • Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee – MJ Adams (Re-Appointment) – June 30, 2024
  1. Mayor’s Appointment (Pg. 34)
  • Greenfield Montague Transportation Authority – Danielle Letourneau – Successor qualified
  1. Transfer $10,000 from FY21 Medicare Payroll Tax Account to FY21 Tax Title Filings and Short Term Interest Accounts. (Pg. 36)
  2. Transfer $10,000 from FY21 High School Electric Account to FY21 Town (City) Attorney Account. (Pg. 38)
  3. Accept Gift of Land from Harris Living Trust of Greenfield located at 24 Arbor Drive. (Pg. 40)
  4. Authorize Mayor to Sell City Land located at 402 Main Street (Old Greenfield Public Library) (Pg. 45)

  1. Presentation of Petitions and Similar Papers

  1. Report of Committees

  1. Unfinished Business

  1. Old Business

  1. New Business

First Reading (Pg. 55)

  • Repurpose $20, 431.92 from Previous Authorization FY19-122 from the Repair of Green River Road to Paving Mackin Avenue.

  1. Motions for Reconsideration

  1. Adjournment


*Please note that the list of topics was comprehensive at the time of posting, however, the public body may consider and take action on unforeseen matters not specifically named in this notice. Posted in accordance with M.G.L.c 30A § 18-25.

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