City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 15, 6:30 pm
John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant Street and Zoom (Hybrid)

Greenfield City Council

June 15, 2022

230th Regular Meeting

6:30 p.m.

Hybrid (Joint In-Person/Zoom Attendance)

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John Zon Community Center, 35 Pleasant Street, Greenfield

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  1. Call to Order

CHAIRS STATEMENT: This meeting is being recorded by the City Council and GCTV-15. If any other persons present are doing the same you must notify the chairperson at this time. In accordance with MGLc 30A SS 20(g) “No person shall address a meeting of a public body without permission of the Chair and all persons shall, at the request of the chair, be silent. No person shall disrupt the proceedings of a meeting of a public body. If, after clear warning from the chair, a person continues to disrupt the proceedings, the chair may order the person to withdraw from the meeting and if the person does not withdraw, the chair may authorize a constable or other officer to remove the person from the meeting.”

  1. Roll Call of Members

  1. Pledge of Allegiance (voluntary)

  1. Suspend Rules of Procedure - Rules of Procedure, 8 Order and Disposition of Business (Pg. 4)

  1. Approval of minutes - None

  1. Communications from Superintendent of Schools and School Committee

  1. Communications from Mayor, City Officers and Employees

  1. Communications from other City Employees as needed, by invitation:
  • Human Right Commission Chairperson Daniel Cantor Yalowitz

  1. Public Comment

  1. Public Hearing(s) and Second Reading(s): (Pg. 5)
  • Approve Payment of $10,814 FY2020 Invoice for Siemens Inc from FY22 Energy Department Budget.

  1. Motions, Orders, and Resolutions
  1. Appointment of Katherine Golub as Precinct 1 Councilor. (Pg. 6)
  2. Approve Community Preservation Committee FY2023 Budget. (Pg. 7)
  3. Approve Payment of $10,814 FY2020 Invoice for Siemens Inc from FY22 Energy Department Budget. (Pg.88)
  4. Transfer $50,000 to City Legal FY22 Account from Labor Special Litigation and Building Salaries FY22 Accounts. (Pg. 93)
  5. Transfer $30,000 to Dispatch Overtime FY22 Account from Parking Salaries FY22 Account. (Pg. 95)
  6. Transfer $60,000 from IT and Accounting Salaries FY22 Accounts to Energy FY22 Accounts. (Pg. 97)
  7. Transfer $12,600 from Assessors Salaries and Wages FY22 Account to General Fund FY22 Accounts. (Pg. 100)
  8. Transfer $65,000 from FY22 Reserve Fund to City Vehicle Fuel FY22 Accounts. (Pg. 102)
  9. Transfer $61,000 from FY22 Short Term Principal Paydown to FY22 Short Term Interest. (Pg. 104)
  10. Proposed zoning amendment for Marijuana Cultivation Facilities established in medium to high density neighborhoods and moratorium on all special permits. (Pg. 106)
  11. Rescind Council vote FY22-082 – Charter Section 6-11(d) Public Safety Commission. (Pg. 216)
  12. Amend City Charter Article 6: Administrative Organization, Subsection 6-11(d): Public Safety Commission Powers & Duties. (Pg. 218)
  13. Mayor’s Appointments & Re-Appointments – Council on Aging, Randie Handleman; Human Rights Commission, Philippe Simon; Human Rights Commission, Irene Woods; Mayor’s Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Scott Smith; Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee, Walter Kim Boas; Council on Aging, Margaret Saulnier; Housing Authority, Trish Leonard; Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee, Nancy Hazard. (Pg. 219)
  14. Resolution of the Greenfield City Council regarding the continued services of O’Reilly, Talbot and Okun (OTO) acting as the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) for the Brownfield clean-up of the Lunt property at 298 Federal Street (RTN 1-18869) (Pg. 229)
  15. Resolution to declare Police Chief Robert Haigh and Mayor Roxanne Wedegartner lost the confidence of the Citizen’s of Greenfield. (Pg. 231)

  1. Presentation of Petitions and Similar Papers

  1. Report of Committees

  1. Unfinished Business

  1. Old Business

  1. New Business
  • The use of City of Greenfield social media platforms for the purpose of intimidation and retaliation against an individual or group.

First Reading (Pg. 232)

  • Appropriate $175,000 from Fund 8400 General Stabilization for Independent Assessment/Audit of the City of Greenfield’s Police Department’s Structure, Policies and Practices.

Notice of Zoning Amendment Proposals (Pg. 408)

  • Add Section 200-7.3 to place a 1-year moratorium on all outdoor marijuana/cannabis cultivation facilities to allow the City time to study existing cultivation establishments and to undertake a planning process to consider amending the Zoning Ordinance regarding cultivation facilities in residential areas.

  1. Motions for Reconsideration

  1. Adjournment


*Please note that the list of topics was comprehensive at the time of posting, however, the public body may consider and take action on unforeseen matters not specifically named in this notice. Posted in accordance with M.G.L.c 30A § 18-25.

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