Greenfield Housing Authority

Tuesday, May 3, 4:00 pm
1 Elm Terrace

Greenfield HOusing Autority

1 Elm Terrace

Equal Housing Opportunity

Greenfield, MA 01301

413-774-2932 (P) 413-772-0616 (F)


Members of the Public:

You are hereby notified that there will be a Regular Meeting of:

Public Body: Greenfield Housing Authority

Date: 5/3/2022

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Location: Via Video Conference – ZOOM Remote Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 4330 0079
Passcode: 573033


  • Roll Call

Old Business:

  • Approval of Minutes – March 29, 2022 – Regular Meeting

New Business:

  • Monthly/Year End Financials – March 2022
  • Tenant Accounts Receivable (TAR) Write-Offs
  • Monthly Staff Report – March 2022
  • Payment Summary– March 2022
  • HUD Income Limits
  • MRVP Income Limits

Reports and Updates

  • Maintenance Supervisor Report
  • Conway Street Porch
  • Capital Improvement Update
  • Sidewalk Project - ET

Tenant Concerns:

  • ETTA Letter to the Greenfield DPW
  • Compost Meeting

Executive Session:


Please note at the list of topics was comprhensidve at the time of posting, howeve, the public body may consider and take action on unforceen matters not spacificly name in this notice spacfically named in this notice. Posted in accordance with M.G.L. c.30A §18-25.

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