City Council Special Meeting

Tuesday, October 1, 2019, 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm
Greenfield High School Cafeteria, 21 Barr Avenue
A meeting of the City Council

Greenfield City Council
October 1, 2019
Special Meeting
7:00 pm
Greenfield High School Cafeteria
21 Barr Avenue


1. Call to Order
CHAIRS STATEMENT: This meeting is being recorded and videotaped. If any other persons present are doing the same you must notify the chairperson at this time.

2. Roll Call of Members

3. Suspend Rules of Procedure - Rules of Procedure, 8 Order and Disposition of Business

4. Motions, Orders, and Resolutions
I. Take from the Table - Mayor’s Veto FY20-016 Safe City Ordinance
II. Take any other potential actions as may be authorized by Law and the Charter based on the result of the Council’s vote on the Safe City Ordinance under Section 3-7 of the City of Greenfield Charter.

5. Adjournment


*Please note that the list of topics was comprehensive at the time of posting, however, the public body may consider and take action on unforeseen matters not specifically named in this notice. Posted in accordance with M.G.L.c 30A § 18-25.

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