Building Inspections FAQ

Building Inspector's FAQ

How do I find out about laws related to zoning in Greenfield?
Laws that are in addition to the Commonwealth's Building Code regulations, those that are specific to building and living in Greenfield and define the 11 zoning districts and the types of buildings, uses, and occupancies that are allowed in each district are found in Greenfield's Zoning Ordinance.
Do I need a building permit for a swimming pool?
Yes. Pursuant to Section 421 of the Code:

A swimming pool (public or private) or appurtenances thereto shall not be constructed, installed enlarged or altered until construction documents have been submitted and a permit has been obtained from the code official.

780 CMR 421 shall not be applicable to any such pool less than 24 inches deep or having a surface area less than 250 square feet, except where such pools are permanently equipped with a water-recirculating system or involve structural materials.
Do I need a building permit for a wood stove?
Yes. Pursuant to Section 3610.6.1 of the Code:

No solid fuel-burning appliances shall be installed in Massachusetts unless such appliance conforms to all applicable requirements of 780 CMR 3610.6, including the testing and listing of all clearances to combustibles and identification of required floor protection.
Has my building permit been issued yet?
Depending on the complexity of your project, a building permit application can take up to four weeks to be approved. However, most applications will be issued within two weeks.
How can I get an inspection at my building site?
Progress inspections for a project with an approved building permit can be scheduled by calling the Building Inspections Department at 413-772-1404, ext. 2106.
What are the fees for a building permit?
What types of businesses need a safety inspection every year?
Pursuant to Table 110 of the Code:

The building official shall periodically inspect and certify buildings and structures or parts thereof in accordance with Table 110.
The buildings in Table 110 include most places of assembly such as churches, theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums, etc.; educational uses such as schools, daycare centers, etc.; institutional buildings in which the occupants are incapacitated such as hospitals and nursing homes or in which occupants are restrained such as prisons; certain residential buildings such as hotels, motels, dormitories, apartment buildings, etc.; and certain special residential uses such as summer camps, detoxification facilities, group residences etc.
When and for what do I need a building permit?
Pursuant to Section 110.1 of 780 CMR, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code, 6th Edition (the Code):

It shall be unlawful to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove or demolish a building or structure; or to change use or occupancy of a building or structure; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by 780CMR without first filing a written application with the building official and obtaining the required permit therefore.
Where can I get a building permit application?
A City of Greenfield building permit application form can be obtained as a downloadable PDF document under permit applications; or at the Inspector of Buildings office at 20 Sanderson Street, 2nd floor.
Where can I see a zoning map?
You can see/download an 11" x 17" version of the Greenfield zoning map here.

You can see/download the full-size Greenfield zoning map here.