Trash & Recycling


Greenfield offers weekly “pay-as-you-throw” residential curbside trash collection and every-other-week, free recycling pick-up. See the Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule to find out when your trash and recycling is picked up.

  • Greenfield has a “pay-as-you-throw” (PAYT) trash policy, so trash placed curbside must either be in a paid garbage bag or have a paid sticker. Learn more about PAYT trash collection >>
  • Bulky Curbside Collection:
    • Items included in this collection: plus a $13.00 fee per stop
    • Sofas ($15.00)• Overstuffed chairs ($10.00)
    • Mattresses or box springs ($20.00 each)
    • Televisions ($20.00) Console ($25.00)
    • Stoves, dryers, washing machines ($5.00)
    • Refrigerators, air conditioners ($15.00)
  • Items not included in this collection:
    • Demolition materials
    • Brush
    • Automobile Parts, motorcycles, cars
    • Chemicals
  • This special collection is by appointment every other Friday and will run from May 6 through October 28. The homeowner will need to call 772-1528 to give list of items to be collected and at that time the DPW will give the homeowner a scheduled date for curbside collection of the approved items and total cost which must be pre-paid and is non-refundable.
  • Greenfield offers many ways to reduce the cost of trash, through recycling and composting programs.
  • Do you have worn clothing, outdated electronics or other items that don't belong in your household recycling bin? Find out where to recycle, reuse, or re-purpose them in Massachusetts - Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory >>
  • The Recyclopedia allows residents to search for items and get answers to their questions about whether an item is recyclable or not. The answers in the Recyclopedia are a reflection of what the MRF operators in MA and other recycling industry experts have said are or are not recyclable in a typical single stream recycling MRF. There are currently over 700 searchable items in the database (we started with 400!). This is the reason I am writing to you today.

Transfer Station



The Transfer Station provides a drop-off location for residents to properly dispose of items not collected curbside such as computers, mattresses, demolition material, bulky rigid plastics, food compost, brush and hazardous wastes such as paint and waste oil. Residents looking to use the Transfer Station must purchase an annual “Transfer Station Window Decal” for $20 at the DPW office, 189 Wells Street or Transfer Station, 86 Cumberland Road. Learn more about the Transfer Station >>

Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Trash Collection

Since July 1, 2005, Greenfield has been a pay-as-you-throw trash collection community. Greenfield offers weekly curbside pick-up of pre-paid bags or stickers.
PAYT provides residents an opportunity to save money on their trash bills and promotes:

  • Increased Fairness. Residents pay only for the amount of trash they generate. Households generating less trash pay less than households that generate more.
  • Increased Recycling and Composting. As residents come to understand that trash disposal costs more than recycling, they are more likely to recycle and compost more. Implementation of a PAYT program, in conjunction with a curbside recycling program, increases a community's recycling rate.
  • Decreased Solid Waste. In addition, PAYT decreases a community's residential trash generation rate.
  • Improved Environmental Quality. By diverting waste from disposal, PAYT programs extend the life of landfills, decrease air pollution from trash incinerators, and reduce the need for new disposal facilities. As communities turn to reuse, recycling, and composting, natural resources, such as land, air, and water, are protected and preserved.

PAYT Trash Collection Policies

Pre-paid Stickers:

  1. Residents can use any color or brand of bag they wish – “cinch” bags, “ultra flex”, scented etc.
  2. Bags are to be drawn closed and the sticker is to be placed around the “neck” of the bag.
  3. The stickers clearly state the size and weight limits. If someone attempts to use a large bag (30-33 gallons) and only puts the 13 gallon ($1.75 sticker) on it, the collectors will not collect the bag. In fairness to all, this policy is strictly enforced.
  4. Bags larger than 33 gallons and “contractor” bags will not be collected.

All Bags:

  1. No bag, regardless of size, will be collected if it weighs over 30 pounds. In order to prevent injury, the 30 pound weight limit must be observed, as the collectors make 450-550 stops per day.

Pre-Paid Bag** and Sticker Prices

Size Price Marker
8 Gallon Bag (10 pack) $10.00 Bag
13 Gallon $2.00 Pink Sticker
33 Gallon $3.00 Yellow Sticker

Please remember there is a 30 pound weight limit for all bags and containers. All bags must be at the curbside by 7 a.m. on day indicated for your street. See the Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule >>

Stickers are available at the following locations:

  • Big Y - 237 Mohawk Trail
  • Country Mart - 49 Main Street
  • Cumberland Farms - 317 Federal Street
  • Foster’s - 70 Allen Street
  • Greenfield Farmer’s Coop - 269 High Street
  • Greenfield Market - 144 Main Street
  • Hamshaw Lumber - 1123 Bernardston Road
  • New Inkwell News - 78 Federal Street
  • Ruggeri’s Package Store - 126 Deerfield Street
  • Ryan & Casey Liquors - 55 Main Street
  • Sandri’s Stop Smart - 295 Federal Street
  • Sandri’s Stop Smart - 416 Federal Street
  • Stop and Shop - 89 French King Highway
  • Stop and Shop Gas Station - Bernardston Road
  • Z's Corner - 4 Mill Street
  • City Hall Customer Service Center - 14 Court Square

** The 8 gallon bags are available at Foster's, Stop and Shop, City Hall Customer Service Center

Recycling and Composting

Greenfield offers bi-weekly pick up of dual stream recycling, which means mixed paper, including cardboard goes into one bin and glass bottles, cans and plastics go in another. It is very important to keep the paper products, such as junk mail, newspapers, boxboard, and cardboard separate from plastics, glass, tin and aluminum items. Please check out the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Brochure.


Recycling Bins

Recycling bins may be purchased at the DPW Office, 189 Wells Street or the Greenfield Transfer Station, located at 86 Cumberland Road. The bins are $4.00. Please remember recycling bins cannot weigh more than 30 pounds.


Greenfield supports composting with two easy options: you can compost at home in your backyard or bring your food waste to the Transfer Station.
Sure-Close Food Scrap Collection Containers

These 1.9 gallon containers are available for $4, and feature a vented lid which allows moisture to evaporate reducing odor causing bacteria, easy clean surface, latch closure, interlocking seal, and removal lid. These wonderful containers may be purchased at the Transfer Station, 86 Cumberland Road or the DPW Office located at 189 Wells Street.

Home Composting

If you’re interested in composting at home, The Earth Machine Composter is available for $25.00 at the Greenfield Transfer Station located at 86 Cumberland Road. Learn more about home composting >>

Composting at the Transfer Station

The Transfer Station makes it easy to drop off your compostable materials:

DO bring:

  • Meat, fish, bones, dairy, eggs, and eggshells
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Bread, rice, and pasta
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, and paper filters
  • Soiled or waxed cardboard
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Paper plates and cups (no lids or straws)
  • Small wooden fruit crates

DO NOT bring:

  • Plastic bags, wrappers, or plastic wrap (recycle this at local stores)
  • Liquids
  • Plastic utensils
  • Styrofoam, plastic cups, or plates
  • Pet wastes or bedding
  • Trash
  • Plastic, metal, or glass (recycle this!)


The Earth Machine Composter is available for $25.00 at the Greenfield Transfer Station located off of Wisdom Way.