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Greenfield City Hall exterior

14 Court Sq.

Built in 1848 and in use as City Hall since 1964, the building houses many municipal offices including the Mayor, Assessors, City Clerk, and Treasurer/Collector.
Greenfield Public Library exterior

402 Main St.

The current library building was originally built in 1797 as the Leavitt-Hovey house, designed by noted architect Asher Benjamin. It has served as Greenfield's public library since 1909 and will continue to do so until the library moves into its new building in summer 2023.
Greenfield's John Zon Community Center exterior

35 Pleasant St.

Completed in 2018, the Community Center is a high performance building that provides programming and meeting space for seniors and community gatherings, including public meetings.
Sanderson Street Offices exterior   SANDERSON STREET OFFICES
20 Sanderson St.

This building houses offices for several city departments including Building, Health, Planning and Development, and Recreation. It also has space for recreation and youth activities.


Greenfield DPW City Yard exterior

209 Wells St.

Built in the 1940s, the City Yard is part of the Department of Public Works, storing and servicing vehicles for road maintenance and snow removal.
Greenfield Department of Public Works Offices exterior

189 Wells St.

The DPW office building was built in 2018. It is a highly energy-efficient space that houses offices for the Department of Public Works staff.

Greenfield Police Station exterior

321 High St,

This building has housed the Police Department since 1998. It is occupied around the clock and includes offices for administrative, patrol, and detective staff, as well as evidence rooms and short-term lock-up.
Greenfield Transfer Station building

86 Cumberland Rd.

The Transfer Station is a temporary depository for all the City's waste and recycling and is staffed by the Solid Waste and Recycling Division of the Department of Public Works. In addition to processing the waste and recycling from curbside collection, the Transfer Station provides a drop-off location for residents to dispose of items not collected curbside such as computers, mattresses, food compost, and hazardous wastes.
Greenfield Wastewater Treatment Plant   WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT
384 Deerfield St,

The Wastewater Treatment Plant contains offices and equipment necessary for treating all the wastewater coming from the City's sewer system. It also houses the lab and staff responsible for testing the City's water supply.


Academy of Early Learning exterior   ACADEMY OF LEARNING AT NORTH PARISH
1 Place Terr.

The Academy of Early Learning was built in 1920 and serves the City’s preschool-aged children.
Federal Street School exterior   FEDERAL STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
125 Federal St.

Federal Street Elementary serves children in grades K-4. The North and South buildings were built in 1906 and the 1930s respectively, and connected by the central link building in 1989.
Four Corners School exterior   FOUR CORNERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
21 Ferrante St.

Four Corners Elementary was built in 1955 and serves children in grades K-4.
62 Meridian St.

Green River School was built in 1948 with a gymnasium added in 1993. It is an elementary school that once served as the Math and Science Academy. It is currently unoccupied.
Greenfield High School exterior   GREENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL
21 Barr Ave.

Greenfield High School was completed in 2015 and is LEED Gold Certified. The school serves students in grades 8-12.
Greenfield Middle School exterior   GREENFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL
195 Federal St.

Greenfield Middle School was built in 1924 and underwent a major renovation in 1998. The school serves students in grades 5-7. The building was renovated in 2016 to accommodate offices for the superintendent and school administration staff.
70 Shelburne Rd.

Newton Street Elementary School was built in 1915 and added onto in 1989. The school serves children in grades K-4.


Silver Street

The Veterans' Memorial Field House was built in 1930 and serves as the locker and shower room for home and visiting football and baseball players, as well as office space for the coaches.
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  • City Hall
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  • Department of Public Works Offices
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  • Federal Street Elementary School
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  • Fire Station (original)
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  • Four Corners Elementary School
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  • Green River School
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  • High School
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  • John Zon Community Center
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  • Library
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  • Middle School
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  • Newton Street Elementary School
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  • Police Station
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  • Sanderson Street City Offices
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  • Transfer Station
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  • Veterans' Memorial Field House
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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
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