Energy & Sustainability FAQ

Greenfield Light & Power

How would I benefit from the Greenfield Light & Power Program?

You benefit in four ways:

  • Predictability: Greenfield has negotiated a contract with Public Power, LLC on your behalf, with guaranteed rates through January of 2018. [UPDATE]
  • Choice: The program gives you a choice in the type of renewable energy that is integrated into your electricity supply. Specifically, you can either stay with the default offering, which is 100% green energy and drawn primarily from wind projects outside of New England, or you may choose the Greener Option, which replaces 20% of the wind energy with energy from New England wind sources. To choose the Greener Option, contact Public Power at 1-800-830-2944.
  • Renewable energy, cost-effectively: Your electricity will now be powered by 100% green energy.
  • Transparency: You may opt-out at any time with no penalty. All program terms are public.
What is the Greenfield Light & Power Program?
The program is a municipal aggregation. Municipal aggregation is a form of group purchasing in which a city or town arranges electricity supply on behalf of its citizens. Aggregation is allowed by Massachusetts law and is growing in popularity.

The term aggregation is used because all of Greenfield’s electrical load is combined, or aggregated, and given to the same electricity supplier. This allows Greenfield to get the best price possible from that electricity supplier. It also enables the City to support renewable power sources by requesting a green power supply.

Greenfield has chosen Public Power, LLC as the electricity supplier for the community and is offering 100% green power. The City used a competitive bidding process to select Public Power, LLC and make sure that you get the best possible price for your electricity supply.