Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan

The following introduction from Greenfield's 2014 Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan explains the thinking behind it and the work that went into it. Note: Although Greenfield was already using the mayoral form of government in 2014, it was still legally known as a town.

"In 2012, Greenfield embarked on a journey that many communities undertake: development of a Comprehensive Master Plan. Having already made a commitment to principles and practices of sustainability, Greenfield wanted more than a traditional Master Plan. The town wanted to create a plan that established a path towards a more Sustainable Greenfield. Over 12 months, a passionate, committed group of residents, town staff, and other community stakeholders worked to craft a pathway for the future sustainability of Greenfield.

The driving forces behind this Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan are rooted in a commitment to preserving the small-town heritage of Greenfield while embracing changes that will allow sustainable renewal of the town as the economic and cultural hub of the region. Greenfield’s commitment is to preserve the richness of small town life by restoring some of the lost economic vitality to its downtown; supporting its farming and food production, and
distribution economic sectors; protecting its natural environment; providing housing and educational opportunities for diverse groups of people; and seeking to attract jobs and industry sectors compatible with both small-town life and the economic realities of the 21st Century.

The Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan is the means for creating a sustainable town. The strategy for moving the town of Greenfield toward sustainability focuses first on changes over which the town has control.. The town has the most control over its internal operations. In addition, the town has jurisdiction over changes to the built environment (land use, infrastructure, and building permits) within its boundaries. The Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan is the means for creating a sustainable town. Sustainable Greenfield will be a tool to guide future operational, programmatic, and policy decisions. This summary introduces the Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan, the collaborative planning process Greenfield followed, and the ultimate vision for each of the seven elements of the plan for achieving a sustainable Greenfield."

You can read and/or download the complete 2014 Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan here.

In 2012, the first Sustainability Advisory Committee was formed by the Town Council; in 2015, that committee became the Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee, with the goal of making the vision outlined in the Master Plan a reality.