COVID Wastewater Information

2023-03-03 COVID-19 Risk Level

You can find more more state and local information (updated weekly) here.

Wastewater tracking measures the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 in the City’s wastewater system. It supplements COVID surveillance by filling gaps in testing data created by lack of testing, asymptomatic cases, and lack of reporting for home tests. The City’s testing partner, Biobot Analytics, reports results weekly; you can see those reports below.

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COVID Wastewater Reports13 documents

  • Wastewater-Report-2023-02-15.pdf
    document _recordid 959
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-02-10.pdf
    document _recordid 962
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-02-03.pdf
    document _recordid 963
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-01-27.pdf
    document _recordid 964
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-01-18.pdf
    document _recordid 965
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-01-11.pdf
    document _recordid 967
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-01-04.pdf
    document _recordid 968
  • Wastewater-Report-2022-12-28.pdf
    document _recordid 970
  • Wastewater-Report-2022-12-21.pdf
    document _recordid 991
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-02-22.pdf
    document _recordid 1281
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-03-01.pdf
    document _recordid 1302
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-03-08.pdf
    document _recordid 1311
  • Wastewater-Report-2023-03-15.pdf
    document _recordid 1312