Lead Assessment

Lead determination can be done on any home where there is a child six years or younger living in a home built prior to 1974.

Massachusetts sanitary code 105 CMR 410.750 (J) prohibits "conditions which are deemed to endanger or impair health and safety"; the focus is on younger children because lead affects a child's neurological growth and development and there are long-term implications and consequences when there is excess lead in a child's system.
There is no cost for this assessment, it is part of the Massachusetts sanitary home inspection. The health inspector will offer this service if the two above criteria (child six or under and building built prior to 1974) are met. The Health Department MUST have signed consent from the parent/guardian to proceed. If there was lead testing done prior, the inspector will check with the State to determine the results; if the State sent an inspector to investigate the home in the past, the family would be referred to the Commonwealth's Lead Program for follow up.
There can be no retribution from the landlord if you request a lead test.  If lead is found and needs to be remediated, there is a timeline which must be followed as it is a health and safety issue.

For questions or to set up an inspection, email the Health Department or call 413-772-1404.