At the Health Department we work on several fronts:

    • Inspect restaurant and retail food establishments to prevent food-borne illness.
    • Work with state agencies if there are national food-borne illness outbreaks.
    • Follow up with the state, local business, and affected people.
    • Ensure sellers of fish are using proper suppliers.
    • Ensure that high-risk populations are protected from foods that are considered dangerous. 
    • Ensure safe home environments by inspecting for mold, lead, and leaks.
    • Ensure septic systems are properly assessed, working with local agencies such as the DPW for safe sewer and water supplies.
    • Check public bathing areas for water safety and close sites when necessary.
    • Provide education on and prevention of mosquito-borne illnesses through our work with the Western Massachusetts Mosquito Coalition.
    • Work to prevent illness, injury, and premature death by educating citizens about the dangers of risky behavior.
    • Work with the Western Massachusetts Tobacco Coalition to ensure that flavored tobaccos and vapes are not sold and that tobacco and vapes are not sold to minors.
    • Distribute Narcan to assist those who can help people who might overdose.
    • Educate about sexually transmitted diseases and and their prevention.
    • Educate on healthy starts for babies and children and support vulnerable populations.
    • Provide new mother baby groups.
    • Hold vaccine clinics for flu and COVID.
    • Assist uninsured citizens with getting other vaccines.
    • Provide menstrual supplies for teens who cannot afford them and work with schools on menstrual equity.
    • Help the unhoused by providing emergency assistance.
    • Help seniors in need by referring them to social service agencies.
    • Prepare for and respond to natural disasters.
    • Work with state agencies and Greenfield's Director of Emergency Management in response to disasters that could affect public health.
The Health Department prioritizes equity in all that we do, and we collect anonymous data to support applying for additional resources. 

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Massachusetts Community Health Equity Survey

MA Community Health Equity Survey
  • The Community Health Equity Survey is an online anonymous survey. Results will help the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and communities across the state change conditions that get in the way of health.
  • This survey asks about things that impact your health. Survey topics include access to health care and transportation, physical and mental health and wellbeing, experiences with COVID-19, housing, education, and work. 
  • Taking the survey helps make sure that the needs and priorities of our community show up in the data. Your answers to this survey will show what things help communities be healthy, and what things make it harder for communities to be healthy.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health will use data from the survey to guide the state's work. This includes improving programs, making decisions about funding and resources, and supporting policies to improve health inequities. 
  • The Health Community Equity survey will be available online on July 31, 2023 and will close in October.
  • You can take the survey at: