First Amendment Demonstrations & Marches

Demonstrations of speech may be exercised in Greenfield, as outlined in the First Amendment of the United State Constitution, on City property. 

The Board of License Commissioners adopted guidelines for free speech use of The Common, City parks, and public ways in 2016 and has since updated those guidelines twice. 

The Supreme Court has issued rulings that allow the government to regulate some first amendment activities in terms of time, place, and manner, but not content. How this looks locally is that Greenfield has seen protests, signs, displays, marches, and musical buskers with and without microphones, and all of those are protected under the first amendment. Sometimes the City will ask that the protest or first amendment event move locations due to a conflicting event in that location, or we may ask for the volume of an amplification system be turned down. Although the City has the right to regulate time, place, and manner, we only do so in situations where it is important to do so.  

If you are unsure if your activity is allowed by right under the First Amendment, you can contact the Licensing Coordinator.  

The City requests that, if possible, you register your free speech demonstration, particularly if you expect a large crowd or wish to march in public ways.

You can find a demonstration registration form here