Food Trucks

Food trucks that will be operating short-term (fewer than eight days in a year) at events such as music festivals do not need a vendor license.

Food trucks operating for a short term but not at an event and not in association with an establishment that holds a Greenfield Common Victualler license will need to get a vendor license from the Board of Licensing Commissioners.

Most food trucks that will be operating long-term (eight days or longer in a calendar year) will be required to get a vendor license from the Board of License Commissioners.

Please note: All ice cream truck vendors are required to be licensed per Massachusetts General Law c.270 §25 and 520 CMR 15.00 and to obtain a vendor license from the Board of License Commissioners, regardless of whether they will be operating short- or long-term.

All food truck vendors must obtain any required approvals and permits from the Health Department, Fire Inspector if needed, or any other relevant inspectors, regardless of whether a vendor license is required or not.

If you would like to set up your food truck on the street or other public property, you will need permission from the City. Contact the Licensing Coordinator for information and the application process. At the discretion of the City, food trucks operating within the public way or on other City-
owned property may be required to maintain a comprehensive liability insurance policy in an amount to be determined by the City and naming the City of Greenfield as an additional insured.