Treasurer/Collector FAQ

Tax FAQs

When are my real estate taxes due?
Real estate taxes are due on August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1. If the first of the month fall on a weekend, taxes are due on the following business day.
When will I get my real estate bill?

We mail two quarters' tax bills at a time, both on the same sheet of paper - be careful not to send them both in with your single payment!

August and November will be mailed by the end of June and February and May will be mailed by the end of December.

What if I sell or buy my house during the year?

Make sure you are given a copy of the last tax bill at the closing or request a copy from the Treasurer/ Collector Office at 413-772-1567.  You should also call the Department of Public Works at 413-772-1528, ext. 6106, to make sure your water/sewer bills are being mailed to the right person and address.

When will I receive my excise tax bill?
Most excise tax bills get mailed out in February or March.

However, if you buy or register a car during the calendar year, you will receive an excise bill for the new vehicle shortly after it is registered. You may qualify for an abatement on any old vehicle you get rid of; contact the Assessor’s Office at 413-772-1506 for more information and necessary forms.
Can I pay my bills online once I receive a demand?
No, once the demands are issued you must bring the payment into our office, Room 105 at City Hall; drop it in our secure drop box, accessible 24/7 near the side door of City Hall; or put it in the mail to Treasurer/Collector, City Hall, 14 Court Sq., Greenfield, MA 01301.

Please make sure you are paying the correct amount including interest and fees. You can pay online up until a week past the original due date.
How can I pay a parking ticket?
You can pay online; in-person at our office in City Hall, Room 105; in the secure drop box by the City Hall entrance, accessible 24/7; or mail a check payable to City of Greenfield to Treasurer/Collector, City Hall, 14 Court Sq., Greenfield, MA 01301.

We cannot accept a partial payment on a ticket so please make sure you are paying the proper amount.
Can I find and pay my water/sewer bill online?
Yes! Using the link for our payment portal, go to Tax Collector > Water/Sewer and enter the account number up to the dash that appears on your bill.
Can I set up automatic payments for my bills?
Yes! Go to our online payment portal and enter your bill or account number. Add your bill to the cart and click on "set up automatic payments."
Can I make installment payments for an annual parking permit?
No. Annual parking permits must be paid in full at the time of purchase. You may purchase a monthly pass for the Olive Street Garage.
Does the City take payments over the phone?
No. If you wish to pay with a credit card you will need bring your card to our office, Room 105 at City Hall, 14 Court Sq., so we can swipe it.
What do I do if I can't pay my taxes?
No. If you are having difficulties paying, please contact our office at 413-772-1567; we may be able to point you in the direction of any available programs that offer assistance or abatements for which you may qualify, and possibly set up a repayment plan.
What happens if the City puts a lien on my home for non-payment of taxes?
If the City puts a lien on your home, it does not mean the City is now the owner, it just means the City has secured their interest to ensure they are paid any back taxes. You still have time to enter into a payment agreement or pay the balance in full to remove the lien. Please contact us at 413-772-1567 to discuss your options.
What happens  if I have a lien on my home and I can't make payments or pay the balance?
You still have time to try and get a loan to pay the arrearage, to find assistance from various existing
programs, or to sell the property to retain the equity you have in your home. It takes years to foreclose on the lien so it is important that you not ignore any notices you receive from the lawyer or court. You can contact us at 413-772-1567 to discuss your situation.
Why do I get a tax bill when my taxes are escrowed?
The Tax Collector does not know who has their taxes escrowed and we are required to send a bill to
every homeowner for their property, regardless of whether the mortgage company is paying the taxes.

If you're unsure whether your taxes are escrowed, please contact your mortgage provider.
Why is there a fee to use a credit card to pay a bill?
All credit card companies charge fees. Private businesses absorb these fees and include them in prices passed on to the customer but a municipality can't do that. As a result, the fee is paid directly by the customer for the convenience of using a credit card.