Veterans Advisory Board

The Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District Advisory Board serves to provide input, advice, and review of the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District. The board members’ duties include:

  • Meeting at least two times per year.
  • Helping staff develop short- and long-term goals regarding veterans' services in the district.
  • Participating in district employee hiring processes.
  • Reviewing and confirming assessment formulas and amounts on an annual basis.
  • Reviewing and endorsing Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services policies and recommending policies.
  • Reviewing, debating, and endorsing an annual budget prior to assessments being issued to member communities.
  • Reviewing and acting on reports from Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services staff.
  • Providing input as to performance of our staff.
  • Reviewing and advising on potential grant applications.
  • Bringing concerns from member communities to our staff.
  • Updating member communities’ selectboard or mayor on the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans' Services budget and activities twice a year and reporting back to our staff with any issues or concerns.


Ashfield: Wayne Farrell & Will Thayer
Bernardston: Marvin Shedd
Buckland: Barry Del Castilho
Charlemont: Frank Carcio
Colrain: W. Thom Griffin
Conway: Roger Goshea
Deerfield: John Cycz
Erving: Vacant
Gill: Jenna Marotte
Greenfield: Michael Aldrich
Hawley: Chris Tirone
Heath: Dennis Peters
Leverett: Brian Emond
Leyden: Erik Johnson
Monroe: Alice Houghtaling
Montague: Vacant
New Salem: Wayne Hachey
Northfield: Dennis Brennan III
Plainfield: Phillip Lococo
Rowe: Jim McKee
Shelburne: Margaret Payne
Shutesbury: Al Springer
Sunderland: Dan VanDalsen
Warwick: Vacant
Wendell: Vacant
Whately: Donald Sluter

Veterans Advisory Meeting