Conservation Commission


The Conservation Commission was established to:

  • Protect the city's water resources.
  • Educating residents on the topics of water quality, wetland resource values, and wildlife habitats.
  • Issue wetland permits.
  • Accept gifts of land and money for conservation purposes.
  • Acquire grant money for city acquisition of open space.
  • Advise other city boards and commissions on environmental concerns.
  • Administer the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and Greenfield's Wetlands Protection Ordinance.

The Conservation Commission operates under Section 6-21 of the City Code.


The commission meets virtually on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. over Zoom. You can find meeting postings and agendas on the calendar. You can see/download the 2024 meeting and application deadline schedule here.

Five seats / Three-year terms
Elizabeth Garofalo, Chair December 2026
Christin McDonough, Vice-Chair December 2025
Erika LaForme December 2025
Travis Drury December 2026
Emily Boss December 2027
Staff contact: Mitchell Vye / 413-772-1548, ext. 3 20 Sanderson St., Room 203, Greenfield, MA 01301


The following documents provide additional guidance, forms, and templates to aid applicants with the wetland permitting process in Greenfield.

Legal Notice Guidance Sample Format
Applicants must post a legal notice in the paper at least 5 business days prior to the meeting date for Requests for Determination of Applicability, Notices of Intent, and requests for an Amended Order of Conditions

Request for Determination of Applicability - Filing Guidance

Other than exempt activities, any work within resource areas such as Bordering Vegetated Wetlands (and their 100-foot buffer zones) and Riverfront Areas is subject to review by the Conservation Commission. A Request for Determination of Applicability can be used to for minor projects that do not alter the resource area or to determine if a Notice of Intent is required. This document lists the requirements needed for a complete submittal.

Notice of Intent - Filing Guidance

Activities within resource areas such as Riverfront Areas and Bordering Vegetated Wetlands that alter, dredge, fill, or remove within that area require the filing of a Notice of Intent. The submittal requirements are listed here.

Notice of Intent for Greenfield Wetlands Protection Ordinance
A Greenfield Notice of Intent form should be filed instead when a project alters, dredges, fills, or removes within a Greenfield Wetlands Protection Ordinance jurisdictional area only, such as the Riverfront Area of an intermittent stream.

Abutter Notification Form
When submitting a Notice of Intent or a request for an Amended Order of Conditions, abutters within 300 feet must be notified with this form.  

Affidavit of Service Form

Whenever abutter notification is required, this form must be submitted to the Conservation Commission as proof that abutters have been properly notified. 


The Conservation Commission manages over a dozen properties across Greenfield and maintains them in their natural state for their scenic, habitat, and recreational value. Trail maps can be found below.

Regulations for Public Use of Greenfield Conservation Land

Rocky Mountain Ridge North Trail Map
This property is located just north of Poet’s Seat Tower and is connected to the Highland Park trail system. This forested tract of land was donated to the Town by the Connecticut River Watershed Council for conservation purposes and is under the direct control of the Conservation Commission.

Rocky Mountain Ridge South Trail Map

Canada Hill - Renfrew Property Trail Map
The Canada Hill/Renfrew property is part of the Rocky Mountain Ridge and has trails for hiking, mountain biking, and observing nature. 

Griswold/GTD Conservation Area Trail Map
This 200-acre property was donated to the Town by the Griswold Family and the Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation. It offers extensive walking and cross country trails.

Leyden Woods Conservation Area Trail Map
This 39-acre property is located along the eastern bank of the Green River, between the river and the Leyden Woods residential development.

Lillian Street Conservation Area Trail Map
The Conservation Commission maintains the trails at this 25-acre parcel of land north of Lillian Street for hiking, mountain biking, and studying nature.

The Conservation Commission may accept donations of land for resource area protection under Article 97. The land must have a title free and clear, plot plan, title search and deed to be signed by the Conservation Commission and the Board of Selectmen. The Commission accepts land adjacent to existing city or Conservation Commission land that benefits the interests of the Conservation Commission for resource area protection. Contact the Conservation Agent if you are interested.

Conservation Commission Meetings

07/09/24 Agenda                              
06/25/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
06/11/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
05/28/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
05/14/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
04/23/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
04/09/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
03/26/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
03/12/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/27/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/13/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
01/23/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
01/09/24 Agenda             Minutes                  
12/26/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
12/12/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
11/28/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
11/14/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
10/24/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
10/10/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
09/26/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
09/12/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
08/22/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
08/08/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
07/25/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
07/11/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
06/27/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
06/13/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
05/23/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
05/09/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
04/25/23 Agenda                              
04/11/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
03/28/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
03/14/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/28/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/21/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
02/14/23 Agenda                              
01/24/23 Agenda             Minutes                  
01/10/23 Agenda             Minutes