Submit a Public Safety Complaint

The Public Safety Commission reviews written complaints made by the public concerning the operation of the Police and Fire Departments, and the conduct of employees of both departments.
All written complaints received shall be forwarded to the chief of the department to which they relate and the chief will investigate or cause to be investigated said complaints and submit his findings and recommendations as he deems appropriate.
[THIS SECTION NEEDS LOGISTICS INFO AND CLARIFICATION ON HOW TO SUBMIT A COMPLAINT] The commission will adopt such rules and regulations, consistent with Section 6-11 of the City Charter, the Massachusetts civil service statute, and police and fire collective bargaining agreements, as it deems necessary to establish procedures to be followed in filing of written complaints by the public, investigating complaints and holding hearings concerning complaints made to it regarding the operation of the police or fire department and the conduct and officers and employees of each department. Citizen complaints shall be considered part of the employee's personnel file.
The commission shall apply the principle of progressive discipline, except those instances where more severe punishment is warranted.