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March 2024 - Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee Second Master Plan Public Meeting
2024 Master Plan Invitation March 11View this flyer as a PDF

On Monday, March 11, Sustainable Greenfield will host its second community gathering to update the Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan from 6 - 7:30 PM via Zoom. To participate, click the link:

FEBRUARY 2024 - Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee Master Plan Public Meeting
On February 5th, about 80 people gathered to hear a presentation from the Conway School and to participate in exercises to help us update our Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan. If you were unable to attend, please participate in this virtual experience. Watch the short presentation from the Conway School.

MAY 2020 - Sustainable Greenfield Implementation Committee Supports Adoption of Net Zero Stretch Code

The SGIC voted unanimously to write a letter to the  Massachusetts Board of Building Regulation and Standards in support of updating the Stretch Code to a Zero Energy Building Code based on the EZ code developed by NEEP, MAPC, Built Environment Plus, and MCAN.  You can read the support letter here

FEBRUARY 2020 - A Deliberate Downtown: Growing by Design Community Forum a Great Success

You can read a March 2, 2020 article on the Deliberate Downtown Forum in the Greenfield Reporter; you can see a video of the Feb. 27, 2020 forum on Greenfield Community TV.

Speakers at the event included Mayor Roxann Wedegartner; Bill Baker, president of the Greenfield Business Association; Michelle Barthelemy, chair of the GCC Business & Information Technology Department; Rachael Katz, owner of downtown's Greenfield Gallery; Jeff Sauser, co-founder of Greenspace CoWork; and Otis Wheeler, City Councilor and co-creator of Greenfield's Downtown Neighborhood Association.

OCTOBER 2019 - Deerfield Street Initiative

The Green River Planning team, a group of Masters of Regional Planning students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in partnership with the City of Greenfield, compiled a report meant to create a vision plan for the Deerfield Street neighborhood


Introduction from the Sustainable Greenfield Master Plan:
In 2012, Greenfield embarked on a journey that many communities undertake: development of a Comprehensive Master Plan. Having already made a commitment to principles and practices of sustainability, Greenfield wanted more than a traditional Master Plan. The Town wanted to create a Plan that established a path towards a more Sustainable Greenfield. Over 12 months, a passionate, committed group of residents, Town staff and other community stakeholders worked to craft a pathway for the future sustainability of Greenfield. 
Master plan cover_thumb

The driving forces behind this Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan are rooted in a commitment to preserving the small-town heritage of Greenfield while embracing changes that will allow sustainable renewal of the Town as the economic and cultural hub of the region. Greenfield’s commitment is to preserve the richness of small town life by restoring some of the lost economic vitality to its downtown, by supporting its farming and food production and distribution economic sectors, protecting its natural environment, providing housing and educational opportunities for diverse groups of people, and by seeking to attract jobs and industry sectors compatible with both small town life and the economic realities of the 21st Century.

The Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan is the means for creating a sustainable town. The strategy for moving the
Town of Greenfield toward sustainability focuses first on changes the Town has control over. The Town has the most
control over its internal operations. In addition, the Town has jurisdiction over changes to the built environment (land use, infrastructure, and building permits) within its boundaries. The Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan is the means for creating a sustainable Town. Sustainable Greenfield will be a tool to guide future operational, programmatic, and policy decisions. This summary introduces the Comprehensive Sustainable Master Plan, the collaborative planning process Greenfield followed, and the ultimate vision for each of the seven Elements of the Plan for achieving a Sustainable Greenfield.
Master Plan Goals, Strategies, and Implementation Steps

Implementation Tables with status updates for each chapter of the Master Plan are  available by clicking on the chapter title below:


Greenfield's Progress Towards Sustainability

The City of Greenfield has accomplished a lot towards the goals outlined in its Sustainable Master Plan. Click on the links below to read about our progress:


Winter 2020

A Deliberate Downtown: Growing by Design Community Forum was a great success!!
Read article in Greenfield Reporter:

Now you can watch it on video!!

Speakers included: Mayor Roxann Wedegartner; Bill Baker, President of the Greenfield Business Association; Michelle Barthelemy, Chair of the GCC Business & Information Technology Department; Rachael Katz, Owner of Greenfield Gallery; Jeff Sauser, Co-Founder of Greenspace CoWork; Otis Wheeler, City Councilor and Co-Creator of Greenfield's Downtown Neighborhood Association

Fall 2019

The Burgeoning Creative Economy in Greenfield and Bees Dozens of Greenfield residents came out to join panelists Linda McInerney of Eggtooth Productions, Rachel Katz of Greenfield Gallery, Steve Goldsher of Hawks and Reed, and MJ Adams, Greenfield’s Director of Economic and Community Development, for an evening of discussion about Greenfield’s creative economy, and the efforts underway to bring money and talent to our downtown.

See the article about the event in the Greenfield Recorder here.

Spring 2018 

There was great turnout at the Livability in Greenfield panel discussion last month. Check out the write-up in the Recorder!

Great discussion focused on recreation and transportation and quality of life. Residents came out in good numbers to learn about progress, ask questions and give feedback.

Exciting and entertaining evening at the new net-zero-ready John Zon Community Center! 
Click to read article