How do I?

How do I...

Apply for business certificate?
Find a city meeting?
City meetings that are open to the public are always posted on the city calendar at least 48 hours in advance, not counting weekends and holidays, per Massachusetts Open Meeting Laws. This includes all meetings of boards and commissions.
Find a place to park?
Information regarding parking in Greenfield can be found on our Parking page.
Get a birth or death certificate?
Information regarding obtaining a birth or death certificate is available through the City Clerk's Office.
Get a dog license?
The City Clerk's Office handles all dog license requests.
Get a job with the city?
Get a marriage license?
Congratulations! You can find information regarding marriage intentions and marriage licenses here.
Get rid of trash and recycling?
Hold an event in a city park?
For information on holding an event in a city park, please contact the Recreation Department by email or call 413-772-1533.
Make a public records request?
Open a business?
Pay or dispute a parking ticket?
Pay property taxes?
See Greenfield property information?
Sign up for GCET?
Vote or register to vote?