Greenfield Light & Power Program Rates Can Help Keep Energy Costs Down This Winter

While most people are bracing for an increase in energy costs this winter, Greenfield continues to offer a community-based alternative that is lower than Eversource’s winter 2022 rates. Greenfield Light & Power, Greenfield’s electricity aggregation program, offers 100% green electricity to all Greenfield electricity customers at 9.879 cents/kWh until January 2024. This rate is lower than Eversource’s residential winter rate of 13.702 cents/kWh that begins in January and will result in paying $21.00 less each month for the average customer. Any electricity customer in Greenfield can participate in Greenfield Light & Power at any time.

The Standard offering, which is the default option of the majority of Greenfield households, provides 100% renewable electricity from clean energy sources like the sun and wind along with a 5% increase in local renewable electricity from projects in New England (MA Class I RECs). The average monthly bill is calculated at 550 kWh. It should be noted that Eversource’s prices change every 6 months for residential and small business customers, and every 3 months for medium and large business customers, and future prices are not known. As a result, future savings compared with Eversource’s prices cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to Greenfield Light & Power, Greenfield encourages all residents and business owners to take advantage of the great rebates and incentives available to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or businesses. “There are a number of programs to help people get their buildings air sealed and insulated and both Massachusetts and Franklin County have amazing low or no-cost programs available. By getting a no-cost home energy assessment, you can be on the way to saving up to 20% on heating costs, not just for this winter, but for each year after,” said Mayor Roxann Wedegartner. “This assessment also opens the door to the 0% HEAT Loan program to replace aging heating systems with high-efficiency ones that can deliver dramatic cost savings and improved comfort.”

Carole Collins, Director of Energy and Sustainability added, “In addition to MassSave which is available to all Massachusetts residents and businesses, regardless of whether they rent or own, there is also an enhanced program through Community Action of Pioneer Valley (CAPV) for income-eligible Franklin County renters, landlords, and homeowners. CAPV acts as a clean energy consultant to evaluate your home and provide comprehensive information on the most cost-effective energy upgrades for you, along with available incentives and rebates. More information can be found on FRCOG’s Clean Energy webpage.”

“Especially during this extended pandemic with skyrocketing costs all around, it is helpful to know that we can deliver savings over Eversource’s winter rate at this critical time,” stated Mayor Roxann Wedegartner. “I am pleased to continue this successful program into its 8th year that provides the community with choice and pricing stability, while also delivering 100% green, renewable electricity to Greenfield electricity customers.”

Greenfield Light & Power continues to offer two additional options: Budget and Local Green. The Budget Option with a price of 9.629 cents/kWh, provides the minimum amount of renewable electricity required by Massachusetts law. The Local Green Option provides the greenest electricity possible which is from 100% renewable electricity within New England (MA Class I RECs). This option supports the development of new renewable energy projects in Massachusetts and New England and costs 13.281 cents/kWh. To participate in either the Budget or Local Green Option, participants must indicate their choice on the program website,, or call customer support at 1-844-483-5004.

The Greenfield Light & Power prices apply to all rate classes, which include residential, small business, and medium and large business, and will not change until January 2024. Greenfield residents and businesses who wish to enroll in the program as a new participant, or who are already enrolled and wish to change to a different option or make any other change, can do so on the program website,, or by calling customer support at 1-844-483-5004. Participants in the Greenfield Light & Power Program can always change from one program option to another or opt-out of the program at any time with no penalty.

The Greenfield Light & Power Program is a group electricity buying program from the City of Greenfield for residents and businesses and offers a City-vetted alternative to other electricity supply offers in the marketplace. Greenfield Light & Power offers clean, renewable electricity, stable, long-term pricing, and consumer protections, such as the ability to leave the program at any time with no penalty or fees. Participating in the program impacts only the supply charge portion of participants’ electricity bills. Electricity delivery charges are not impacted by participation in the Greenfield Light & Power Program.

More information is available by visiting the program website at

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