Supply Chain Woes Prompt Color Change for Trash Collection Stickers

The global supply-chain bottleneck has forced the Greenfield Department of Public Works to temporarily change the color of stickers used for large trash bags in its pay-as-you-throw trash collection program. Lime green is the new sticker color for 33-gallon bags. The old yellow stickers remain valid and will return at some point in the future. Stickers for the smaller 13-gallon bags will remain the same color—pink.

“Faced with the prospect of waiting months to get new yellow stickers because of the supply-chain crunch, we decided to go with the lime green stickers to ensure trash collection continues uninterrupted,” said Public Works Director Marlo Warner. “Some people felt the yellow stickers had a green hue to begin with, so we’re hopeful the transition will be seamless.”

The new green stickers will begin appearing this week and will remain until the yellow stickers are back in stock.

Pay-as-you-throw stickers are available at local retailers, Greenfield City Hall and on the City website using the “Pay Online” link. Stickers for large bags cost $2.50 each; stickers for small bags cost $1.75.

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