City Completes Reprecincting Process

The Greenfield City Clerk’s Office and Planning Department, in conjunction with the State, have completed the process of updating the City’s nine voting precincts following acceptance by the State’s Local Election District Review Commission. All changes were based on population shifts reported in the 2020 U.S. Census. Approximately 800 Greenfield voters, or about 6.5 percent of all voters in the city, have been assigned a new precinct. The Clerk’s Office is notifying affected voters by mail.

“We had hoped to complete this process by December 2021, but because of pandemic-related delays at the state and federal levels, it took longer than usual,” said City Clerk Kathy Scott.

The changes include new boundaries for the State House of Representatives, which split the city into two legislative districts. “The City was forced to update its precinct map after state lawmakers voted to split Greenfield between two State House districts,” said Scott. “Without these new precincts, we would have been forced to buy additional voting machines and related equipment.”

The new voting precinct map is available on the City website at /files/Precinct_Map.pdf. Voters can also look up their precinct on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website at

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