Contractor’s Bankruptcy Drives Increase in Solid Waste Fees

Following the cancellation of the City’s waste management contract in the bankruptcy proceedings of the contractor, Community Eco Power, the Greenfield Department of Public Works has made the difficult decision to increase prices for stickers in its pay-as-you-throw trash collection program. Trash sticker prices have not been raised since 2020, when the CEP contract was signed.

Starting Tuesday, May 31, the sticker price for a 33-gallon bag will increase by 50 cents to $3 and the sticker price for a 13-gallon bag will increase by 25 cents to $2. Costs to dispose of certain items at the Greenfield Transfer Station are also increasing. The price list is available online at The cost for vehicle decals to enter the Transfer Station is not changing and will remain $20.

The contract with Community Eco Power was voided by a U.S. bankruptcy court. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year. As a result, the City needed to enter into a bridge contract to dispose of its solid waste at $8.40 more per ton than under its contract with CEP. Under the bridge contract with USA Hauling & Recycling, the City’s tipping fees increased from $81.60 to $90 per ton. Greenfield averages 71 tons of trash per week. The waste contract and other rising expenses beyond the City’s control necessitated the increase in sticker prices.

“Cancellation of our contract sent us scrambling to find a place to send our trash,” said Public Works Director Marlo Warner. “Without a bridge contract to tide us over until July 1 and the new fiscal year, we would have had no place to dispose of our garbage starting April 14. At the same time, we’re being faced with increased costs for handling, materials and diesel fuel.”

The DPW is currently seeking the best pricing for a long-term contract to take effect July 1.

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