Leyden Glen Reservoir to Undergo First Full Dredging in Over 30 Years

The Greenfield Department of Public Works has begun lowering the water level in the City-owned Leyden Glen Reservoir in Leyden to make way for the reservoir’s first full dredging since 1988. The project, totaling $532,850, is funded by the City’s Water Enterprise Fund. The work is being performed by Maverick Construction Management Services.

“Periodic dredging is required to eliminate organics that accumulate over time and reduce the capacity of the reservoir. The organics also require more water treatment to meet drinking water standards,” said DPW Director Marlo Warner. “This project will position the reservoir to serve the community for another 20 to 25 years.”

The Leyden Glen Reservoir has a capacity of 44 million gallons and provides approximately a third of Greenfield’s drinking water and fire-protection capacity. Drawdown began on Monday and will take approximately three weeks. Once the reservoir is drained, excavation and hauling are tentatively scheduled to begin in mid to late June and take five to six weeks to complete. Fifty thousand cubic yards of sediment will be removed.

The reservoir was last completely dredged in 1988. It was partially dredged when repairs were made to the dam in the late 1990s.

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