As Energy Prices Spike, City, GL&P Urge Consumers to Check Their Electricity Supplier

In light of an unprecedented increase in Eversource’s summer electricity rate, the City of Greenfield and Greenfield Light & Power, the City’s electricity aggregation program, are urging consumers to check their electricity provider to ensure they are getting the best deal in this volatile time of increasing costs.

All Greenfield electricity customers are eligible to participate in Greenfield Light & Power. They can join or leave at any time for no cost or penalty. The rate for all classes is 9.879 cents per kilowatt-hour for 100% green electricity, while Eversource’s Basic Service charge is expected to increase to 15.348 cents per kWh hour on July 1, representing an increase of nearly 12% over their winter rate, and over 55% higher than Greenfield Light & Power’s rate.

For the next six months, Greenfield Light & Power customers stand to save $30.08 per month over Eversource’s proposed rate for the average household usage of 550 kWh per month. Eversource is awaiting Department of Public Utilities approval, but the rate will likely be very close to their request of 15.348 cents per kWh.

Since it takes up to two billing cycles to switch providers, Greenfield Light & Power wants to alert consumers to review their electricity supplier and make any changes now if they choose. It is important to note that, while the program is providing savings compared with Eversource's prices now and through the end of the year, Eversource's future prices are not known. As a result, Greenfield Light & Power cannot guarantee to provide savings compared with Eversource in the future.

“We are mindful that people are paying more for everything,” said Greenfield Energy and Sustainability Director Carole Collins. “Greenfield Light & Power is one way to help keep electricity costs manageable for Greenfield’s electricity customers.”

New customers are signed up with the City’s program by default, but it’s always a good idea to check who your provider is and the rates they offer. Greenfield Light & Power’s rate will remain 9.879 cents per kWh through January 2024.

Consumers can enroll or find additional information at Customer support is available by email at or by phone from Greenfield Light & Power program consultants at 1-844-483-5004.

Unfortunately, there have been instances of customers being unknowingly switched to other electricity suppliers. Consumers can find their electricity supplier listed on the first page of their Eversource bill. For Greenfield Light & Power customers, the supplier will be listed as “DYNEGY-Greenfield Light & Power.”

The Greenfield Light & Power program is a municipal energy aggregation. By bulk purchasing electricity for the entire community through this program, Greenfield is working to make electricity costs more predictable and more stable, bring 100% green energy to the City, and give participants more control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity they use.

“We also encourage all renters, homeowners and business owners to get their buildings weatherized and take advantage of the amazing new incentives from Mass Save to reduce energy consumption for good. The incentives are better than ever and there are great programs for everyone,” added Collins. Mass Save is best reached online at

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