Greenfield DPW Adopts New Water, Sewer Rates for FY23

The Greenfield Department of Public Works has adopted new water and sewer rates for the 2023 Fiscal Year, which begins July 1. The current water rate will increase 7.5 percent from $3.72 per 100 cubic feet to $4.00 per 100 cubic feet. The current sewer rate will increase 9 percent from $6.10 per 100 cubic feet to $6.65 per 100 cubic feet. The new rates will be reflected in the billing cycles beginning in January 2023.

“These increases are necessary to support City Council-approved operating budgets, capital projects and provide an adequate reserve for emergencies or unforeseen regulatory events,” said DPW Director Marlo Warner. “At the same time, we have worked hard to maintain affordable water and sewer rates. To put it into perspective, for just $4.00 the City provides residents with 100 cubic feet of clean, safe water, which equals 748 gallons and could fill approximately 6,000 water bottles.”

Recent projects funded in part by water and sewer rates include dredging of the Leyden Glen Reservoir, reconstruction of Sanderson and West streets, electrical upgrades at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and ongoing inflow and infiltration repairs to the sewer system.

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