City Enters Into New Waste Disposal Contract

The City has entered into a new three-year waste disposal contract with F&G Recycling, a division of USA Hauling & Recycling. This is the same company that has been providing disposal services since April 14 under a bridge contract following the bankruptcy of the City’s previous waste disposal contractor, Community Eco Power. Residents will see no change in their curbside trash pickup.

“We sought proposals from multiple waste management companies and at the end of the day, this was the best deal for the City,” said Greenfield Public Works Director Marlo Warner. “Because this agreement only affects where we haul our waste, curbside pickup will remain exactly the same. The City does the hauling and that isn’t changing.”

The new contract, which took effect July 1, locks in the City’s tipping fees at $90 per ton for the first year of the agreement—the same rate charged under the bridge contract. Increases in tipping fees for the second and third years will be based on the Consumer Price Index. Greenfield averages 71 tons of trash per week.

“As always, we encourage residents to be mindful of what they toss into the general trash,” added Warner. “Through recycling and composting, we can help the environment and reduce the financial burden on taxpayers.”

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