City Participates in Public Health Baseline Capacity Assessment

The City of Greenfield is among 310 communities that will participate in a capacity assessment conducted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to better understand the existing needs and resources of health departments and boards of health. The three-phase assessment conducted by the state Department of Public Health encompasses all communities that participate in the Public Health Excellence Grant Program for shared services. It is being performed at no cost to the City.

“This assessment will include a baseline review of existing statutory and state regulatory obligations for boards of health, a workforce study and a document request phase– not to assess our performance, but to assess the resources we have at our disposal,” said Greenfield Health Director Jennifer Hoffman. “This may open the door to additional resources, such as training and technical assistance.”

The assessment will consist of the following components:

  • A request for a sample of reports for inspections conducted by local health departments in selected settings and timeframes.
  • A review of existing staffing resources to determine alignment with current needs.
  • A review of existing health department services and their alignment with existing statutes and regulations.
  • A review of the current training levels of staff.

The assessment is expected to begin in the coming weeks with information requests of health departments and boards of health. Assessments are expected to be complete by the fall and strategic action plans will be created and shared by winter.

In July, the Greenfield Health Department was awarded a $1.5 million, five-year grant under the shared services program to expand its inter-municipal partnership to include Leverett and Shutesbury and strengthen existing ties with Deerfield, Montague and Sunderland.

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