Greenfield Mourns Mark Maloney

Mayor Roxann Wedegartner issued the following statement on the passing of former Greenfield Town and City Council President Mark Maloney:

Thank you, Mark Maloney,

The City of Greenfield has lost a great public servant with the death of Mark Maloney. These days there are few people who will step up to the plate to serve their community in the way that Mark did, unselfishly and respectfully.

I knew Mark mostly in our respective roles on Planning Board for me and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for him. Our paths crossed frequently and while we did not always see eye-to-eye on an issue before our boards, we could talk it out without rancor and by truly listening to each other’s thoughts. Perhaps, we even changed each other’s minds from time to time. For a short time, he had a great partner in Roy Cowdrey, long-time ZBA member and Chairman. They remain my favorite sparring partners on all things zoning and development. If there is a place for former ZBA Chair angels, then I’m sure they’ll soon be enjoying each other’s company once again.

I thank his family, Martha, John, Aengus, and Ruari for allowing us our time with him. Many of us in public service had the pleasure of working with Mark in one of his many roles in making our City a better place to be. Here are the remembrances of a few of them:

David Singer, former City Councilor; current ZBA member:
“Mark liked to present himself in an understated manner, but make no bones about it, he was smart, thoughtful, and wise beyond his years. He served as President of the City Council and Chair of Ways and Means with care and insight. As Chairman of the ZBA, he understood the law and led meetings with a strong hand. He demonstrated who was in charge while at the same time everyone knew that under his leadership, applicants for permits who did their homework would get a fair shake. Mark will be missed by our community. His legacy of strength of personality, common sense and compassion will endure as an example for those who wish to serve in Greenfield.”

Marlo Warner, DPW Director and fellow Scout Master:
“I worked many years with Mark on City business and he was always dedicated to getting the information he needed to make an informed decision. Working with Mark in scouting for years, he was passionate and dedicated himself to mentoring young scouts in life skills and values. We had many late evening chats about the City and life in general. He always had great wit and humor in our discussions which I will miss. There will be a very large gap left behind when it comes to volunteering his time to the City and Scouting.”

Tim Farrell, former City Councilor, President, School Committee, Chairman:
“As a Greenfield City Councilor I had the honor to work beside Mark for many years. Without a doubt I can say he was one of the most intelligent, professional and dedicated public servants Greenfield has ever seen. Mark was known for his knowledge and “by the book” approach, but he also understood the need for compromise, common sense and doing what was best for the greater good. Councilor Maloney was not a politician. He was a hometown guy looking to help his hometown be a better place to live and raise a family. Mark will be missed but never forgotten.”

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