Smoke Testing

December 6, 2016

The Town of Greenfield has contracted the engineering services of Tighe and Bond to start the design phase of replacing the existing sewer pumping station located on Tyler Place.  In order to properly design the pump station, testing of the existing sewer system in the area needs to be completed.  One of the tests the Town will be using is smoke testing.  Smoke testing is used to determine if any inflow is entering the sewer system.  Inflow is storm water runoff from illicitly connected infrastructure such as catch basins, roof leaders, and/or sump pumps.  Smoke testing consists of injecting artificially produced smoke into the sewer system and documenting where smoke is seen.  The smoke utilized is commonly used in the industry and is not harmful to people, pets, or plants.  It will not harm or stain cloths, drapes, or furniture.  It is not flammable and does not create a fire hazard.  Smoke should not enter the residences.  If smoke does get inside the residence please locate one of the smoke testing crew members and they will assist you in locating where the smoke entered your home.

The smoke testing is scheduled to be conducted on Wednesday December 14, 2016.  A representative from both the DPW-Engineering Department and Tighe and Bond will be on site for the entirety of the test. 

Should you have any questions feel free to call the DPW-Engineering Department (413)-772-1528.

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