Fire Protection of Floors-Code Change

From:        Vicki Baker
To:        GreenfieldMA_BuildingNews
Subject:    Attention All Contractors and Homeowners

         Attention all contractors/homeowners
  Taking Effect July 1st, 2014 A Code change involving protection of floor joist systems in basements under certain conditions will take effect. This building code change is under the Residential Code (780 CMR 51) and will go into effect for any permit issued after July 1,2014.

R501.3 Add new subsection.
R501.3 Fire Protection of Floors. Floor assemblies not using dimension lumber or structural
composite lumber equal to or greater than 2-inch nominal dimension, shall be provided with a
½ inch gypsum wallboard membrane, 5/8 inch wood structural panel membrane, or equivalent
on the underside of the floor framing member unless required elsewhere in this code to be fire
resistance rated.

1.Other approved floor assemblies demonstrating equivalent fire performance.

2. Floor assemblies located directly over a space protected by an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section P2904, NFPA13D, or other approved equivalent sprinkler system.                                                                                                                

3.Floor assemblies located directly over a crawl space not intended for storage or fuel-fired appliances.                                                                                                          

4.One room or alcove per story not exceeding 80 square feet, when supported between structural walls

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