John Zon Community Center - Project Update

John Zon Community Center in Progress

The Community Center construction has seen a tremendous amount of progress this Summer. The building’s exterior frame and sheathing has been completed, and the crews are working to get the roof structure weather tight, as well as all of the interior partition walls framed. Outside the building, the contractor has been installing all of the subsurface drainage structures such as catch basins, manholes, and piping. In order to achieve good drainage and solid subsurface conditions for the parking lot and driveways, the contractor has had to excavate unsuitable soils and have them replaced with engineer approved soils. 


Monthly Look Ahead

Looking ahead through August and into September, expect to see the finished roof come together, as well as the fascia board trim at the bottom of the gables, and the exterior building wrap. By the end of August, all of the subsurface drainage components will be installed, and the base for the parking lot and driveway areas will start to be formed. Rough electrical, mechanical, and plumbing trades are expected to start working inside the building in September as well. 


Q&A: What makes up the roof system?

New building codes mean that roof systems are more advanced and more efficient. The Community Center building is made up of many layers starting with a base layer of 5/8” sheathing, covered with a building wrap material. Instead of insulating from below the rafters, this roof received three, 3” layers of rigid insulation, topped with what is called a “cool vent” or a ventilated nail base. This allows the roof system to breath. To complete the system, a self-adhered underlayment goes down over the cool vent layer, and is finished with an architectural asphalt shingle.  

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