New Guidance from State Clarifies Town/GCET Accounting

Guidance the Town of Greenfield received from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue today that clarifies Broadband Only MLPs accounting practices and gives direction for the Town of Greenfield to move forward with GCET.

“We’ve been asking the state these questions for the last year, and are glad to finally receive this clarity,” said Greenfield Mayor, William Martin. “There is no further need to continue this discussion and we can now move forward doing what GCET was created to do: provide low-cost, high-speed internet across town.”

The DOR’s Division of Local Services issued “this guidance for towns to follow even though they may have voted to form a municipal light plant (MLP).” This guidance clarifies that the DPU “has concluded it does not have regulatory oversight of broadband-only MLPs…”  

“This guidance confirms the accounting processes that I’ve been advocating,” said Elizabeth Braccia, Finance Director for the Town of Greenfield.

Mayor Martin continues to move GCET forward by working with the excellent GCET staff, creating a Resource Team to offer business and municipal experience, and working with the Commissioners who are acting in advisory role to the Mayor until the Commission legislation is passed by the legislature.

“I welcome the State Auditor to review all GCET processes and procedures,” said Martin.

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