Public Safety awarded $41,421 for consolidated 911 study

Re: Fiscal Year 2018 State 911 Department Regional Public Safety Answering Point and Regional Secondary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) Development Grant.

In May of 2017, with the approval of Mayor William Martin, as well as the written support of several municipalities throughout Franklin County as well as the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Greenfield Police Department applied for a State 911 Development Grant to explore the regionalization of all public safety communication services for all of the communities in Franklin County.

The Development Grant Program is a competitive grant with the award being made based on the guidelines that are set forth in the Development Grant application package.  The focus of our application was to request funding to perform a feasibility study to determine if all public safety communications can be effectively and efficiently performed by one RECC serving all of Franklin County.  This is in keeping with the Commonwealth’s stated goal of reducing 911 PSAP locations through the regionalization of communication centers.  Currently in Franklin County there are three separate communication centers: Shelburne Control, the Town of Montague, and Greenfield respectively.  The application focus was to prepare a viable proposal to bringing the services of all three under one roof to improve public safety services. With the desire for a consolidated public safety complex being sought in the Town of Greenfield, the opportunity to include a state of the art modern day communication center for the entire county was included in the thought process.

I am pleased to report on September 15, 2017, the Town of Greenfield was notified of a grant award of $41,421 to be used to pay for this feasibility study.  The Town of Greenfield greatly appreciates the written support submitted by several Franklin County town governments and agencies who were interested in the possibility of these consolidated services; this grant would not have been awarded if not for this crucial support. 

As this is the beginning stages of the grant award process, we are looking forward to working with a consultant who will research our goals, and provide a roadmap for future public safety services.  For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.


Robert H. Haigh Jr., Chief of Police

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