John Zon Community Center - September Project Update

The Community Center construction has come a long way since just last month. The most significant progress has been the completion of all subsurface drainage systems, electrical service conduits, light pole bases, roof system, fascia board trim work, building wrap, and interior framing. The interior has been completely framed, and has allowed the electricians and plumbers to begin their rough wiring & piping. Electrical outlets and switches have all been located, and all in wall plumbing has been finished for each bathroom. 

Monthly Look Ahead

Looking ahead through October, the contractor is planning on installing all of the exterior windows, and siding. Site work will continue with the installation of the granite curbing at the two entrances on Pleasant Street, the concrete sidewalks around the building will be poured, and the interior progress will continue relating to fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.  

Walkway to the JZCC - construction Interior of the JZCC - under construction


Interior View of Walls - JZCC Construction

Questions, Comments or Concerns

Robert Todisco

Q&A: Will the building be energy efficient?

Evolving energy codes mean that new buildings must adhere to very strict performance standards. The Community Center building will be no exception. Similar to last month’s Q&A roof system overview, the exterior walls have also been designed to be very energy efficient and to perform in sync with the roof.

The design team achieved this developing and airtight exterior wall system made up of cellulose dense-pack spray in insulation which is held into place by an air and vapor barrier attached to the inside studs. Every barrier seam is then taped to seal in the cavities. Because all of the exterior walls have secondary walls built on the insides of them, the entirety of the wall system is very thick, which means more insulation, which equates to a higher R value.

The building will be able to breath thanks to the HVAC system which will be regularly exhausting inside air out, all while recapturing the heat before its exhausted. More on the HVAC system next month.


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