GCET Gets Reset: New Direction and Management Team

Mayor Martin announced today that he has implemented additional changes at GCET to increase the financial viability of the project. GCET was founded by the Town to provide internet access to residents at affordable rates.

“I tasked an in-house group to analyze GCET’s current operations and financials to ensure that GCET would not be a burden on taxpayers,” said Martin.

“After review and discussion, I decided that GCET needed to pivot to remain sustainable within the current borrowing authorized by Town Council. I appreciate the work of the whole GCET team, but unfortunately we’ve had to reduce staffing to continue our primary mission.”

Martin continued, “This is a critical period for GCET. A rededication of effort in the areas of technology roll-out and community marketing is required at this time and at the expense of all other efforts.”

The new operations will include a town-led “support team” to assist with day-to-day operations. This team will include the IT Director, the Finance Director, and members of Mayor Martin’s staff. Combined, this team has expertise in both the private and public sector in information technology, accounting, marketing, business development, process improvement, operations, and customer service.

Martin also activated an Advisory Board, whose members were originally approved by Town Council in July for the MLP Board.

"The Advisory Board brings a strong level of oversight to GCET from well-respected community members with expertise and experience in business, finance, technology, and assisting struggling start-ups as well,” said Martin.

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