Mayor’s Remarks at November 12th Town Hall Event

Mayor William Martin delivered the following remarks at the November 12, 2017 Town Hall event with Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Thank you all for attending today to listen of the current events in Washington. This town hall event by the Senator reflects our past tradition of open town meeting gatherings to discuss town and community issues and concerns.

As Mayor of the City of Greenfield and on behalf of our residents, we welcome a sitting senator, the honorable Elizabeth Warren.

As our representative, Senator Warren is a member of the senate committees of banking, housing and urban affairs, armed services and health, education, labor and pension. Senator Warren also sits on several associated sub-committees to represent our statewide and local interests.

We are fortunate to have this strong commitment from Senator Warren to articulate our faint voice at the national level. As a lawyer, law professor and an established consumer advocate, and now a seasoned veteran senator, we are assured our voice and interests will be heard in that land called Washington D.C.

For Franklin County generally, and the Town of Greenfield specifically, I respectfully ask our Senator to address the critical issue of student and parent education debt now approaching a trillion dollars. The debt, as an economic development factor, creates a barrier for equal housing access as the debt burden from high interest loans prevents entire families from applications and purchases while the repayment takes place. Please consider and recommend some billions from off-continent aid be diverted to United States families.

For veterans, I respectfully ask that our Senator continue to support veteran health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs and the option for veterans to seek health care in other facilities more convenient to their home. For 23 million veterans and 3 million disabled veterans, local care is convenient and less stressful care.

And lastly, for everyone’s downtown and home & for jobs, I respectfully ask for continued support for programs of the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Federal Communications Commission to include the Community Development Block Grant, so critical to local sustainability, and fair disbursement of the hundreds of millions of dollars available for rural broadband and not just to incumbent entities and states but to municipalities and towns. Lastly, please keep an open internet. It is our last freedom highway.

And now, without further delay, let me welcome our Senator, the Honorable Elizabeth Warren. Welcome Senator.

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