State Grant To Help Greenfield Update Accessibility Plans for City Facilities and Operations

Greenfield has received a promise of funding from the Massachusetts Office on Disability to update the City's Americans with Disabilities Act Self-Assessment and Transition Plan. This work hopes to refresh the City’s previous Self-Assessment and Transition Plan undertaken in 2004, and will make sure the plan includes current facilities, is aligned with new Federal and State requirements, and incorporates input from the evolving and engaged Greenfield community.

Greenfield Mayor and Town Council had committed to allocating funds for the update, but it was discovered the update would be more costly than the budget allowed. Maureen Pollock, then the Town’s ADA Coordinator, working with the Commission on Disability Access (CDA), took the lead and submitted a successful grant application to the Massachusetts Office on Disability last fall, allowing the City to fulfill their goal and continue to make accessibility a priority in Greenfield.

Municipal staff and members of the Commission on Disability Access (CDA) will engage the public later this spring as they define priorities in the Plan. The update is slated to be completed by June 2018. The CDA is currently recruiting new members, so if interested in serving, please contact the Mayors' Office for an application (or click here for the online form >>). The CDA’s next meeting is Tuesday, March 20th.

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