Fifth Year is the Greenest for Greenfield Light & Power

Greenfield Light & Power has Greenest Year Yet!

Fifth Year is the Greenest for Greenfield Light & Power

The upcoming fifth year of Greenfield Light & Power achieves two firsts: a new two-year contract that locks-in a competitive rate through 2021, and a new Local Green Option, offering a supply comprised of 100% local renewable power. The new prices are a result of a contract with Direct Energy, and, for both the Standard and Local Green Options, are lower than Eversource’s winter residential prices for all rate classes. The Standard Option price will change to 10.565 cents/kWh, and will continue to provide 100% green energy, while the new Local Green Option will be available for 11.516 cents/kWh and supports new renewable projects specifically in Massachusetts and New England.

The new prices take effect with the January 2019 meter reads, and participants will see the new prices on their February 2019 Eversource bill. Prices are fixed through January 2021, providing two years of price stability for Greenfield Light & Power participants. In contrast, Eversource’s Basic Service prices change every 6 months or less, depending on the rate class. On average, Greenfield Light & Power residential customers will save over $6.00 per month compared to Eversource customers (winter price 11.730 cents/kWh), and business customers will enjoy even greater savings.

“In 2018, our customers collectively saved over $256,000 on their electric bills; money that stays in our local economy rather than going to Eversource,” stated Mayor William Martin. “We’re excited to continue Greenfield’s commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy choice for our residents’ electricity needs at a savings.”

After four successful years of Greenfield Light and Power, most residents are already participating in the program. All participants retain the right to opt out at any time with no penalty. Any electricity customer is free to join the program or opt up to the Local Green Option, by calling Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065 and telling them you want to join or change your option in the Greenfield Light & Power program.

All new Greenfield residents and businesses will receive a notification letter about automatic enrollment a few months after opening their electricity account, but can also choose to opt out before being enrolled.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we now offer the greenest option available for electricity to any interested Greenfield Light & Power customer. For 11.51 cents/kWh, residents and businesses wishing to make the biggest impact possible with their energy dollars can elect to sign on to this 100% MA Class I REC electricity that supports renewable energy projects in the region.” Greenfield Director of Energy and Sustainability, Carole Collins said. “We’ve heard from several people eager to participate on this option, which we are able to provide at a lower rate compared to similar products on the market.”

The new Greenfield Light & Power rate offers savings compared to Eversource winter prices, but future savings are not guaranteed. Eversource prices change every six months for residential and small business customers and every three months for medium and large business customers. It is possible for the program price to beat Eversource for some months but be above Eversource for other months. Greenfield Light & Power aims to provide savings when averaged over the full 24-month term of the contract.

Be aware that there are electricity suppliers that come to the door or call and misrepresent themselves as the utility or the Town. They may promise savings or say it’s required to stay with Greenfield Light & Power and will entice you to provide account information. Once they have your account number, they can switch your account. Eversource and Greenfield Light & Power WILL NEVER call or come to your door unsolicited. Eversource and the Town also strongly caution customers to understand the terms, costs, and details of any offer before giving out your account number or showing your bill to any company.

Additional information is available at, where you will also find answers to frequently asked questions and other resources. Customer support is available by email at or by phone from the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-483-5004.

The Greenfield Light & Power program is a municipal energy aggregation. By bulk purchasing electricity for the entire community through this program, Greenfield is working to make electricity costs more predictable and more stable, bring 100% green energy to the Town, and give participants more control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity they use.

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