Electric Vehicles Welcome in Olive Street Parking Garage

Eight New Charging Ports Now Available Through Eversource Grant Program

Electric Vehicles Welcome in New Greenfield Parking Garage

In partnership with the Town of Greenfield, Eversource is bringing eight new electric vehicle charging stations to the new public parking garage on Olive Street in the town’s Bank Row Urban Renewal Area. The electric charging stations are part of Eversource’s EV “Make Ready” program, which was launched in late 2017 to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging stations throughout its electric service territory in Massachusetts.

“In Massachusetts more than 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector,” said Eversource EV “Make Ready” Program Lead James Cater. “The Commonwealth’s goal is to have 300,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025. Through ‘Make Ready,’ we’re powering the possibilities for Massachusetts by partnering with charging station companies and forward-thinking customers like the Town of Greenfield. We will be installing thousands of new charging ports at hundreds of strategically-located and publicly accessible sites.”

“I’m very appreciative of Eversource making this project possible by funding the installation of these eight EV charging stations,” said Greenfield Mayor William Martin. “Again, the City of Greenfield demonstrates its commitment to energy efficiency and consumption reduction by partnering with Eversource for eight EV charging stations in the Olive Street garage. From solar farms, electrical aggregation and building energy conversions, expanding on the availability of vehicle charging stations reinforces the reputation of Greenfield as a leader in assisting the state with energy and environmental goals. We welcome the Eversource partnership to add these units in the garage for short and long-term parking customers and look forward to more partnerships in the future.”

In order to meet the demand, ensure customers have easy access to charging stations, and curb carbon emissions, Eversource’s “Make Ready” program will ready the local electric grid for the installation of nearly 4,000 individual electric vehicle charging ports at 500 locations across Massachusetts. It will also include 67 DC fast-charging stations along major roadways for those in need of a quick charge on the go. The energy company expects the program to lead to one of the largest network of charging stations in the country.

As part of the program, Eversource covers 100 percent of the infrastructure implementation costs and coordinates the infrastructure improvements. In turn, participating customers purchase and install the charging stations.

Because Greenfield’s parking garage is located in an environmental justice area, all costs associated with the installation were covered by the program, which designates that 10 percent of stations be located in environmental justice regions to encourage the equitable distribution of EV charging infrastructure.

The new units will be free for use through the end of the year and starting in January, there will be a $1.25 per hour fee while the car is actively charging. This is to help offset the cost of electricity to the town, as well as the networking costs (required by Eversource as part of the program) to track data on the use of the stations. “At the end of the year, Greenfield will assess the uptake of these chargers and plans to again partner with Eversource to double the number of chargers to 16 as part of this EV “Make Ready” Program,” Mayor Martin added. “Greenfield has offered no-cost EV charging in the downtown area for the past six years and those spaces will continue to be available.”

The new chargers are made by ChargePoint and provide more capabilities than the existing units in town, including letting drivers know whether units are available and texting drivers when their charge is complete. Most electric cars on the market today have a range from 100 to 300 miles per charge, and new models continue to increase in range while decreasing in price. There are up to $10,000 in incentives available for those who purchase or enter into a three or more year lease for an electric vehicle.

And through January 2nd, Eversource is providing up to an additional $5,000 incentive for any Eversource customer who purchases a 2018 Nissan Leaf, which has a 150-mile range. In addition to the myriad of environmental benefits of an electric vehicle over a gas or diesel fueled vehicle including zero emissions, the cost to own and operate an electric vehicle is a fraction of fossil fueled counterparts. Depending on individual driving needs, the cost to own or lease a new electric vehicle can be minimal compared to all the costs being offset.

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