Greenfield Health Department Staffing Complete

Greenfield, MA - The City of Greenfield Health Department is now fully staffed. While the Greenfield Health Department recently struggled with maintaining adequate staffing, through the efforts of the City Council, Mayor Martin, and the Board of Health, three new members have joined the Health Department in as many months.

“We are glad to have the department at full staffing again,” said Martin. “We were lucky to recruit experienced individuals. This staffing level puts the City in a good position for providing critical services to the residents, restaurants, and other businesses. In a short time, the department has become current on food inspections and is almost caught up on housing inspections.”

Valerie Bird joined the City as Health Director in May, coming from a health director position for the Foothills Health District. Valerie is a working director and acts as an inspector with 25 years experience in health department operations. Tim Newton joined the department as Health Inspector in June, coming from the private sector with strong working knowledge of food code and Title 5 septic inspections. Tim also takes the lead with tobacco enforcement and education. Finally, in July Nicole Glabach joined the department as Health Clerk, brining experience as a town clerk, including three years of municipal permitting and licensing experience and lifetime knowledge of the Pioneer Valley to the department. Nicole has extensive experience in agriculture and farm operations as well.

“With staffing now at optimal levels, the Department can engage in all portions of our duties to the city,” said Bird. “We are up to date on all regular food service inspections, and responding to citizen concerns regarding locations in a timely manner (frequently within the same hour). Housing inspection requests from shared homes and tenants are progressing well, with fewer outlying issues in the brief time the new staff has been onboard. Nuisance complaints are received and resolved in a timely manner.”

Tobacco enforcement checks were conducted by Pioneer Valley Tobacco Commission in June, and subsequent tobacco education training for owners and managers will be given jointly by PVTC and the Greenfield Health Department on August 15th for interested parties.

The Health Department also continues to work with the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District, and the Greenfield DPW to conduct a sharps exchange program for participating town residents to dispose of used needles responsibly. For any and all inquiries, please contact the office at (413) 772-1404.

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