Greenfield Light and Power Mailing Error

Last week, a mailing was sent in error to approximately 700 homes, who do not currently subscribe to Greenfield Light and Power, due to a mistake on the part of our supplier. This mailing was part of a routine mailing to new electric accounts as part of the “opt-out” for Greenfield Light and Power. Unfortunately, residents who had opted out of the program when it was first launched years ago were not removed. The City apologizes for the confusion caused by the erroneous mailing and will not automatically enroll anyone who received this letter in error.

Greenfield Light and Power is a municipal aggregation under Massachusetts General Law and approved by the Department of Public Utilities – see the State’s website here: There are approximately 150 aggregations in Massachusetts. Per the State, “Customer participation is voluntary. The municipality will provide customers an opportunity to opt-out of participating in a municipal aggregation program. Customers who do not opt out will be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program, but may opt out at any time after that.” As always, any Greenfield electricity customer may join or leave the program at any time by calling 1-866-968-8065.

Greenfield Light & Power is a City electricity program is designed to make 100% renewable energy available to City residents and businesses, and seeks to provide choice, price stability, and savings over the full term of the program. For the last three years, Greenfield Light and Power has been able to offer residents a savings over Eversource’s Basic Services and has saved Greenfield subscribers over $1 million dollars. However, as we note on the website, currently “the program price is fixed until January 2021, but Eversource’s Basic Service prices change every 6 months for residential and small business customers and every 3 months for medium and large business customers. As a result, it is likely that for some months, the program price will not be below Eversource’s Basic Service price, and savings cannot be guaranteed compared with Everesource’s Basic Service price.”

For the first half of this year, Greenfield Light & Power customers paid 1.1 cent/kWh less for 100% green electricity than Eversource’s basic service rate, although for the remainder of the year the residential Greenfield Light & Power customer will pay a slightly higher rate than Eversource. When averaged, over the course of 2019, the Eversource Basic Service price is 10.764 cents/kWh while Greenfield Light & Power’s is 10.565 cents/kWh. So, a typical household using 550 kWh/month would see a savings of $26.40/year by subscribing to Greenfield Light and Power. Commercial accounts will save an average of 1.4 cents/kWh over the course of 2019. Since these accounts tend to use over 1,000 kWh/month, the savings can be substantial.

The Energy and Sustainability Department works to protect the most vulnerable in our community who are targeted by predatory suppliers, and have filed several complaints with the Attorney General’s office on behalf of Greenfield residents. In fact, many communities launch municipal aggregations to provide a municipally-vetted alternative to all the scams everyone is worried about. Just last week, the office helped a resident who had been unknowingly switched to a third party supplier and was paying in excess of 16 cents/kWh.

For any further questions or concerns please contact the Department of Energy and Sustainability at (413) 772-1412.

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