Town of Greenfield Water Department Asks for Voluntary Water Restrictions


August 17, 2016

Contact:  Mark Holley, DPW Water Facilities Supt. (413-772-1528)

GREENFIELD --   As the hot, dry conditions continue, placing a large demand with little recharge on Town water supplies, the Department of Public Works Water Facilities is asking residents of the Town for voluntary water use restrictions. Voluntary use restrictions mean limiting water usage to only that which is absolutely necessary and curtailing non-essential uses such as the watering of lawns and gardens, as well as washing of vehicles. If outdoor irrigation is necessary, it should be done very early in the morning or very late in the day, and should be monitored so that excess water is not used.

Mark Holley, Water Facilities Superintendent for the Town, explains the problem. “The recent pattern of sudden heavy showers riles up the surface waters and makes them “dirty,” unfortunately requiring the use of the Town’s well field exclusively, which is then forced to produce 100% of the Town’s water. Given that our static water levels in the wells have dropped into the 20’s, about ten feet below the normal range, coupled with the sporadic rains that do not penetrate the ground surface, our facilities have been pushed fairly hard and they are now showing the fatigue. It is therefore prudent for us to move to reduce the consumption of our water.”

Mark added, “Rest assured all our facilities are fully capable of supplying water for fire fighting and related emergencies, and the Town’s water quality is, as always, within the standards imposed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency.”

In urging residents to limit their water usage, Mayor Martin said, “We have great water from varied sources and to protect our wonderful asset, we must maintain a delicate balance of use and conservation.” Although these restrictions are voluntary, the DPW appreciates the support of Greenfield citizens in protecting the local water supply. By taking action to limit non-essential watering at this time, it is hoped the Town will be able to avoid mandatory restrictions in the future.


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