Vandalism in Greenfield


August 29, 2016

Contact:  Office of the Mayor (413-772-1560)

GREENFIELD – After a recent spate of vandalism at two electric car charging stations and the Energy Park in Greenfield, Mayor William Martin has announced a series of intensified efforts at preventing destruction of public property. At the Miles Street car charging station, both charging cords were found cut off, with the pistol grips that plug into the cars taken, and at the Davis Street parking lot, one of the pistol grips was run over and cracked. The recently installed new playground train at the Energy Park also had its decorative flower pot smashed.

After discussions with Police Chief Robert Haigh and George VanDelinder, Director of Central Maintenance for the Town, the Mayor has ordered the charging stations be secured and has asked the GPD for videos of the area around the charging stations. The Mayor will be looking into possibly increasing video surveillance at the Energy Park as well.

Said Mayor Martin, “It is hoped we might garner additional information from the video footage and/or at least discourage those who would engage in such antisocial practices. The expected individual and social responsibility most of us anticipate from others seems to be a lost cause. Some residents are disrespectful to their fellow citizens and juvenile in their behavior. If they are able to read this and their judgment is not so impaired, let them know vandalism does not get a free pass if you’re a teenager, and keep in mind that city property damage by an adult is a crime. We’ll consider the cost to repair or replace these free electric vehicle chargers and then decide whether they will be repaired or removed. Destruction of public property affects all of us and the quality of life we aspire to in Greenfield.”


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