Water and Sewer Rates Will Increase on January 1, 2025

GREENFIELD – Beginning on January 1, 2025, the current water rate will increase from $4.00/100 cubic feet to $4.35/100 cubic feet. The current sewer rate will also increase from $6.65/100 cubic feet to $7.30/100 cubic feet. These increases are 8.75 percent for the water rate and 9.7 percent for the sewer rate.

The increases are required to support the DPW’s operating budget, capital projects and provide retained earnings for catastrophic emergencies or unforeseen regulatory events. The DPW’s Water and Sewer Enterprise Funds also support department equipment and vehicle purchases.

An additional cause for the increase is the continued maintenance of the city’s water infrastructure. Like many communities, Greenfield features water mains and pipes that are often aged and require frequent repair or replacement. The infrastructures are especially tested during weather emergencies, which have become more frequent and severe in recent years.

“Increases are never easy to announce, but this is a necessary change to support our DPW’s operating budget,” said Mayor Virginia “Ginny” Desorgher. “Franklin County has recently experienced an influx of weather-related emergencies. It is imperative that our city is well-equipped to address any unexpected circumstance.”

“Adequate fund balances in each Enterprise Fund account ensure financial stability and support sound financial practices for our city,” said DPW Director Marlo Warner.

If you have any questions regarding the water and sewer rate increases, please get in touch with the DPW office at (413) 772-1528.