Filthy Kicks Brings the 'Heat to Your Feet' at The Goods

Sneakerheads rejoice! Filthy Kicks, a buyer, seller and trader of high-end shoes like Nike Air Jordans and Nike Dunks has set up at The Goods pop-up shop at 357 Main Street in downtown Greenfield, next to the Garden Cinema. After a successful soft opening, Filthy Kicks is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through the end of June.


The Goods is a partnership between the City of Greenfield and Greenfield Community College. It has been operating since September, and will continue through June. The ultimate goal of The Goods is to transform vacant storefronts into thriving businesses, while providing a free, no-risk opportunity for local entrepreneurs to test their businesses.


Mayor Roxann Wedegartner is particularly excited about bringing Filthy Kicks to The Goods. “Filthy Kicks represents the new, fresh, young energy we need more of in Greenfield. Businesses like this will complement our new skatepark and will become a beacon for bringing more youth and younger shoppers to our downtown,” says Mayor Wedegartner. “I’m really excited to see where this new business goes and am thrilled to welcome Eli and his team to Greenfield.”


Eli Vaillancourt, founder and CEO of Filthy Kicks, is feeling optimistic about the potential for Greenfield to be the spot for opening a full-time brick and mortar store for his business. “Greenfield and the surrounding towns are full of people who love shoes, but they are limited to online purchasing or driving to Fitchburg or Holyoke to buy them,” says Vaillancourt. “I want to create a store that has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all buyers and makes this type of fashion accessible to all people in our region.”


Vaillancourt sees a storefront as a key driver to growing his existing and thriving online business. “I’m doing pretty well with online sales and I know I can grow this part of my business. I also know that many buyers feel more confident making online purchases when businesses have a physical storefront. I imagine a storefront that allows me to serve in-person customers, simplify my shipping process and serves as a production studio for my YouTube and TikTok sales strategy,” he added.


Vaillancourt is receiving additional support for growing his business through a new Entrepreneur Membership program currently operated by Greenfield Community College, Greenspace Co-Work and LaunchSpace. The six-month business accelerator program currently engages ten entrepreneurs from across Franklin County, thanks to funding from the Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development Community One Stop for Growth program.


GCC Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Max Fripp has been working with Vaillancourt through both The Goods and the new Entrepreneurship Membership program since January. He too is excited about the potential for Filthy Kicks to make Greenfield its full-time home.


“Eli is a smart, savvy and hungry entrepreneur. The passion and knowledge he has for his products is contagious, he is positive and welcoming and he has a unique niche that I think can be a real draw for bringing new, diverse customers to downtown Greenfield,” says Fripp. “I’m excited to see where this business goes and am so grateful to be working with amazing entrepreneurs like Eli.”


Filthy Kicks will be the Entrepreneur in Residence at The Goods through the end of June. Vaillancourt and his team are ready to help “bring the heat to your feet.”