City Awarded Recycling Grant

The Greenfield Department of Public Works has received a Sustainable Materials Recovery Program grant totaling $22,600 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for its recycling activities. The grant amount is based on the DPW’s proactive recycling efforts including handling of bulky items, hard-to-recycle materials, household hazardous waste, and yard waste, as well as its solid waste reduction efforts.

“This grant is a testament to Greenfield’s forward-thinking approach to reducing waste and increasing recycling for the benefit of the community and our environment,” said DPW Recycling Coordinator Janine Greaves. “Greenfield has been ahead of the curve when it comes to removing items like mattresses and textiles from the waste stream and it’s gratifying to be recognized for that.”

Five thousand dollars from the grant will be used for a new “universal waste shed” at the Greenfield Transfer Station, to collect items such as fluorescent lamps, batteries and devices that contain mercury. The balance of the funding will be used to promote recycling and purchase recycled products, such as rain barrels, composters and recycling bins.

The grant program is funded by proceeds from the sale of Waste Energy Certificates to recycling programs approved by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. A total of $4.2 million has been awarded to 270 municipalities and regional groups in this round of funding.