Who Are the Assessors?

There are some 1200 Assessors in Massachusetts. Most are elected, part-time officials contributing their services to the community. More and more often, part-time boards are hiring a full-time person as an "Assistant Assessor/Appraiser". Once elected or appointed, an Assessor in this state must successfully complete a 30-hour course in Assessment Administration and Law (and pass the 3-hour exam) offered across the state at no charge by the Department of Revenue. Many Assessors also go well beyond this minimum requirement, often on their own time and expense, to take additional assessment and appraisal courses offered by the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers and International Association of Assessing Officers. For example, 3 Greenfield Assessors have earned an MAA, a professional designation accredited by the Massachusetts Assessors Association.

Appears in: Property Tax FAQs

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