The Necessity of Property Inspections

The assessment is only as good as the recorded description of your property. To derive a soundly based assessment and to assure that every property is treated fair and equitably, it is only fair to all property owners that an assessor view the interior as well as the exterior of their dwelling and any other buildings on the property. The interior inspection usually takes no more than five or ten minutes. If you received a notice requesting an inspection, kindly call our office and we will try to schedule a time when it is convenient.

All assessing staff will have a police identification card with their picture on it. Please call our office number, 772-1506, if you need further verification. To ensure an accurate assessment, it is to everyone's advantage to allow the assessor to inspect your property. By not responding to our request or denying entry, the assessor will have to estimate. Not only may this compromise the integrity of the data, it also may result in an unfavorable assessment for the homeowner. Every effort is made on the part of the assessors to prevent this from happening. As always, if you have any concerns or questions regarding this process please contact us

Appears in: Property Tax FAQs

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